Rx for Miracles - A Prescription for Miracles

A Prescription for Miracles!

Help your patients save money and help your local Children's Miracle Network Hospital!

This program provides Free Rx Savings Coupons for both brand and generic medications, requires no enrollment, and is open to everyone. Rx for Miracles donates funds to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals and is a proud sponsor of Children's Hospitals Week. These donations go to support their efforts to improve and change pediatric healthcare and its impact on kids, families, and communities.

Rx For Miracles Prescription Discount Pharmacy Coupon Card

1 out of every 10 children in America are treated by a Children's Miracle Network Hospital each year!

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals are special because they offer care and equipment designed just for kids. And, as great as these hospitals are, they need our help to ensure that every child has a fighting chance. We are counting on you, the healthcare professionals to lead the way!

Rx For Miracles Prescription Discount Pharmacy Coupon Card

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  • Free prescription coupons for physician clinics (doctor's offices)
  • Savings up to 80% on medications
  • Brand and generic medications are eligible for a discount
  • No Exclusions / No paper work
  • HIPAA compliant / Privacy secured
  • Accepted at over 68,000 pharmacies nationwide
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